Terrorist activities in India is a part of global conspiracy to blame Muslim youths: Aminul Hassan

Terrorist activities in India is a part of global conspiracy to blame Muslim youths: Aminul Hassan


Udupi: The Muslim youths are always the first one to be targeted when there is a bomb blast or any terrorist activity in India. They are harassed unnecessarily. Often the residents are unaware of any such activities or as to who is behind all this, say one of a prominent Muslim personality Aminul Hassan in Udupi Jamiya Masjid. Talking about the terrorist activities and their aim, he said that wherever the terrorist activities are happening in the world, America and Israel are behind it. These nations try to indulge Muslim in the terrorist activities. He said the terrorist activities are on a high in India and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari it is there. Everywhere the Muslims are being arrested after the attack without any substantial proof that often makes a Muslim individual retaliate against the government and this should be stopped immediately.

He said that the Muslims cannot attack another person as murdering a man in Islam is considered as the murder of whole humanity. Further, he said that in 2004 when Indian politics joined hands with Israel, terrorist attack had increased in the country. It might be Israel organizations are behind these attacks. Aminul Hassan further said that the main aim of Israel is to destroy Muslims and they are coming close to their aim very rapidly. Today the situation is that every Muslim is seen with suspicion. In schools and colleges also the Muslims are being targeted.

He said that the Muslims have every right to live in this country as others. The Muslims had equally sacrificed their lives with the others during the time of independence. During independence the British planted a seed of hatred and doubt between Hindus and Muslims and now after independence that seed has become a big tree. Nearly 10,000 communal violence have taken place in the country in which lakhs of people have lost their lives.

He called upon the government to reach the root of the terrorist attack in the country and arrest the real terrorists. He was not only angry for arresting Muslims only on suspicion but by this the Muslims will also retaliate against the government.

In the function, Yasir Malpe also expressed his views on the topic of terrorism. Moulana Ayyub Qasmi, Hussain Kodibengre, Asif Iqbal and lots of people from Udupi were present on the occasion.


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  1. Vibhore said,

    Mr. Aminul Hassan you r absolutely rite in Islam mudering a man is like mudering whole community. But what about the KASAB( Mumbai Attack Terrorist ).I guarantee you there are thousands of KASAB who has been given wrong Knowledge about the Islam in the maderssaa. Moreover, now even Pakistan Government has banned the Maderssa. They said maderssa creates the fantancies among the people.

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