Shame on democracy

A. Social Boycott in Karnataka- Shame on democracy

Another first investigation report done by ManuskiCentre. The issue is very mind boggling in modern times – a social boycott on 50 families still happening in India. This is the pathetic story of Dalits in free India. They are about to die as food, water and other essential commodities are cut off from them. Their sorrow knew no limits.For whom the democracy is ? In India sure it’s not for them who are born in that community,  learn  more in   Kadkol social boycott report

i. A brief on Kadkol

Six months ago, due to lowered water level, the bore well in the Holayawadi (The locality of the Holayas), dried. The water was still available, but it was not potable. As a result the Holayas suffered sever health related problems.


The Scheduled Caste, Holayas, approached the District Administration and the entire condition was narrated before the State Authorities. One of the activists declared that they are going to drink water from a public tank (Just like their leader, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who launched agitation to get rights of drinking water from a public Tank).


Anticipating the possibility of escalation of violence, the administration with the help of Police convened a meeting.  The DYSP belongs to Scheduled Caste. His name is Mr. Bellubhi. The caste Hindus consented before the officials that they will not mind scheduled castes drink water from the public tank. On 27th July 2006, the Scheduled caste villagers started taking water from the public tank. In front of Police, the caste Hindu villagers did not resist. Once the Police left, the meeting of Panchayat was arranged. All the scheduled caste people were called to attend the meeting. They were asked to stick to their old practice of not taking water from the public tank. The Scheduled castes, Madigas, agreed to stick to the old practice of not drinking water from the public tank. However, another scheduled caste, the Holayas, declined to accept the diktat of the caste Hindus. This infuriated the caste Hindus and they declared war against the self respectful Holayas. As a result, the Holayas working on their farms were asked not to come to their work the other day. It was declared that whoever cooperates with the Scheduled castes, Holayas, will be fined with a penalty of Rs. 500. The caste Hindu village shopkeepers were told not to sell the Scheduled caste, Holayas, anything. The floor mill owners were asked not to grind their grains. Other services were also denied to them…



Poor Dalits  are handicapped either due to education or due to no access to good  Legal consultants that can protect their fundamental rights under special provision of Constituiton ( Article 17 of Indian  Constitution has abolished untouchability and forbidden its practice in any form) . But even though atrocities are becoming order of the day, no life!!

ii. Actions expected from you:

A plea made to Chief Minister, Karnataka. You may read and replicate its copies to send to public offices, it ll be great help. Please click click here to see a letter on Kadkol-social-boycott-immediate-attention-reqd.pdf 

 *Urgent appeal to send email/fax to the concerned authorities to show our support to the victims of Kadkol social boycott:* *Email/Fax Instructions: *

1. Email and Fax your concern (attached .doc file) to CM Karnataka 1. Read and use the word document attached to  this email 2. Email with a. subject *”Seeking immediate action  providing justice to Kadkol villagers suffering from social boycott* b. body *”Attn: Shri H.D. Kumara Swamy,  Hon’ble Chief Minister, Karnataka State”* 3. Attach the word document or copy and paste
 in the email (document lists our concern and demands) 4. Endorse the letter with your full name, address, phone and signature to the document  5. Send email to or *cmcc@secretariat1.*<cmcc@secretariat1.> 6. Fax the document endorsed with your  signature to: +
 91-80-22281021  7. Fax the document endorsed with your  signature to: +91-80-22208092, Email and Fax to Home Minister, Karnataka 1. *Attn: Mr. M. P. Prakash, Home Minister, Karnataka State* 2. Email to *homemin@vsb.* <homemin@vsb.> *Please voice our concern and support by email/fax  to Chief Minister and Home Minister of Karnataka.*


















B. Innumerable attacks on Indian Buddhists — shame on democracy

There are 231 rapes and 51 murdered last year. The families are helpless, only hope is help from world community !  

Every hour two Dalits are assaulted,
 Every day three Dalit women are raped,
Every day two Dalits are murdered & two Dalit houses are burnt in India….”
(Report of the Ministry of Welfare of the Government of India, 1992-1993)
Please write to us from wherever you are, your word will atleast create pressure on Indian corrupt & prejudiced bureaucracy and shameless political class  !
There is an urgent need of a need of mechanism to fight the injustice.

C. Another Kherlanji in Making—shame on democracy


Not far from Kherlanji, Kohalgaon is a village with 175 households, is waiting to become another Kherlanji. Mr S. Raut from same village in a press Conference today told that Buddhist families are living under social boycott similar situations. The village has predominently  15 educated Dalit families. It seems that being educated is one among many reasons for added poison and hatred towards them. Life  is breathing in breathing in fear.

Kohalgaon Farmers telling their talec,farmer in blue is Bsc(Mathematics)The case goes like this >>  Kohalgaon  is a part of green paddy hinterland, very close to Navegaon National Park and Tibetan Buddhist Settlement , Gothangaon. A Pakka Road was required to be built cutting through the farms of Dalits, it was one of the options. Dalits feared of loosing their marginal lands, they protested and wanted to go to police,however, villagers took it as an insult to them and beat eight poeple nearly to death. The road was,forcibly, built on the same land. While two women were beaten till they went unconscious after they went to lodge a complaint again. Anyhow Dalits managed to launch a complaint with Police, result,single person booked under Atrocity act. Consequently, the villagers  issued a warning that they can make another Kherlanji or even worse than that. Sufferings for Dalits are added more when they had incurred 8000Rs for legal help difficult within their budget. Additionaly they have to come 51/2 hrs traveling to Nagpur for court matters, loosing out on daily wages! Where is the Administration? Waiting to watch human extinctions? Kohalgaon is a home ground of Mr Prafful Patel, the Aviation Minister. This week only, his his daughter married, the function was attended by Chief Ministers from three states, also Home Minister R. R Patil (who recently said Dalit movement has Naxal elements, case for arbitrary arrests).  


D. No access to water
Along with Atrocitynews team, the BBC News Correspondent went to Bhabal, a village in Bhandara district near Kathurli. Where they met Buddhist women who are not allowed to take water from public tap. Women without fear  narrated the complete story- how they, their sons and daughters are made targets everyday. The correspondent was surprised to see even today such kind of atrocities are practiced in India.

Hardships many, but they look cheerful, anyways, they say,”we must give clean tommarow to our daughetrs and sons.”
The case is still pending with local police station. NO action!


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