August 15, 2008

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Arthur Road Jail: cruelty on bomb blast accused continues

Mumbai: Whether it is the culprit of Mumbai local Train Bomb Blast or Malegaon Bomb Blast both are still now waiting for completion of their case in judicial custody. Even in prison they are being tortured. Police and ATS are bothering them. Their human rights are being violated and their complaints are being neglected. These were exposed by defense lawyers and relatives of the victims of Bomb Blast. In this regard a young Muslim Mohammed Ali Shaikh resident of Gowandi who was accused of Mumbai Local Train Bomb Blast had filed a complaint in MOCOCA court some days ago.

Mohammed Ali Shaikh had accused ATS officers that they were torturing him to accept the sin frequently. He is being bothered in Arthur Road Jail Too. Police is harassing Mohammed Ali Shaikh’s wife and relatives. It is learnt that police go in mid night to his home and threaten his family. Such complaints were too registered but no heed was paid towards this complaint. Nurul Huda Shamsul Huda a victim of Malegaon Bomb Blast too lodged such complaints that since last 15 months that not only police of Nagpada and Kalachauki but also local crime branch of Malegaon and officers of Azad Nagar police station are torturing him regularly which weakened him mentally and physically. He is suffering regular headache but administrators of Arthur Road Jail is not providing him medical aid. Several complaints of bad behavior with the culprits of Mumbai Local Train Bomb Blast and Malegaon Bomb Blast but the all these complaints are not changing the attitude of authority. Lawyers and relatives of Mumbai Local Train Bomb Blast and Malegaon Bomb Blast made superintend Sawati Sathe responsible for violating the human rights and bad behavior with the victims who are in judicial custody. But so far nothing has changed even after complaints. Recently several accused of Bomb Blasts had filed a case against Sawati Sathe that Swati Sathe targeted victims of bomb blast in the wake of asking, though where hearing is continue is victims’ Jail but in spite of all these reality he was forced to wear the uniform of prisoners. The lawyers and relatives of Bomb Blasts accused that cruelty is going on the victims of Bomb Blast by violating the human rights of culprits in any manifestation. Jail authority and police are birds of a feather flock to gather.

Futile attempt to link coastal Karnataka with ISI; Is it right to ban SIMI?

Since last few years the communal lobby had put all its efforts to prove the so-called existence of ISI in coastal Karnataka, particularly in and around Bhatkal and Mangalore. After the communal riots of 1993, there had been a rise in the propaganda string, after the submission of Jagannath Shatty Commission report. Efforts in this regard by Sangh Parivar lobby took momentum. However, such charges are frequently refuted by the top brass in police departments as well as Intelligence Security Agencies.

The scene is changing

At present the state of affairs in Karnataka and its coastal belt is changing rapidly. Karnataka is under major turmoil foremost because of the changes in the political scenario and the forthcoming assembly elections in the state. Political parties are making all attempts to win the elections and the Sangh Parivar does not hesitate to spread hatred and communal disharmony and gain political mileage by winning the elections.

The stories floating in the media with regard to the two youths, who were at first arrested on charges of bike theft, are now alleged as terrorists is alarming and a cause of major concern, to every peace loving citizen.

What is the reality?

The youths arrested on the charges of bike theft are also facing the charges of running terrorist camps in Uttar Kannada and Hubli-Dharwad regions and in an area near Yellapur Dargah and other ruins. The media is obviously disturbing the peace and communal harmony by creating new stories with new twists everyday. Although, the police have declared these reports to be baseless. But, it seems in the name of Islamic terrorism, fanatic groups are out to create an atmosphere of disharmony against a particular community at any cost.

Bhatkal in this regard

Fortunately, Bhatkal town has not surfaced in this matter, still informed sources claims that some people were interrogated by the local police. Some Kannada newspapers they seemed to have connected bike theft to terrorism in Bhatkal and came with a lead story. Thanks to Almighty, there were no takers for their stories. What shall follow is still unknown, but danger seems to be lurking on the town.

Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind, SIO and SIMI

Although there had been ban on SIMI for many years now, but whenever the term of the ban seems to end the name of SIMI starts echoing again and is associated with bomb blast, terrorism and conspiracies, which becomes a reason to re impose the ban. Initially the SIMI had been connected with the extremist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a Pakistan extremist group and now it is being associated with Harkat ul Jihad Islami (HuJI), a Bangladeshi extremist organization. After the official ban and the arrest of its top leaders SIMI is almost non-existent. Surprisingly, Muhammad Ghous and Asadullah arrested in Karnataka also have been connected with SIMI.

It will be interesting to note that the media has made several attempts to connect the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and its student wing SIO with extremist organization. Now by reliable sources it is learnt, Jamaat-Islami Hind has taken the matter seriously and is consulting the legal experts to take legal action against the concerned TV channel and the newspapers.

SIMI was established for the promotion and cause of Islamic support of the student and to promote the Islamic character and values in the student community. Though, established in 70’s it had extreme point of views with regard to some issues but their involvement in criminal and antinational activities was never proved, nor their links with terrorist organizations were established with concrete proof by any court of law or any tribunal till today.

Just on the basis of its so-called ideological extremism, the government is extending its period of ban every two years. The same was done this year too. The ban would have come to an end on 8th of February, 2008, but it is now extended for another two years.

In this regard the flexibility of the Law and the crime which say that no matter a criminal go scot-free but an innocent should not be punished, has been set aside. Many innocent Muslim youths in the name of SIMI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Harkat-Ul-Jihad-e- Islami and other such alleged terrorist organizations are being arrested and are languishing in jail for no apparent crime committed by them.

Why only SIMI?

In fact disruption, destruction or terrorism must not have any place in a civilized society. But suppression and strangulation of voices against injustice, justice by labeling it as terrorism is a kind of state terrorism. The state-sponsored terrorism (as in the case of Gujarat riots), is more dangerous to the civil society. In this regard why only SIMI should be vindicated? Do the view points of the Sangh pariwar’s ABVP are not based on communal extremism and sectarian feelings? Aren’t the member organizations or outfits of Sangh Parivar are not involved in massacre and genocides of Muslim and don’t they cross the limits of madness in communal riots in the names of Durga Vahini, Bajrangdal, Hindu Jagraan Vedikke, Shri Ram Sena Hanuman Sena and Vishwa Hindu Parishad. To depict this, violence in Gujarat and Mumbai speaks a lot. If just and independent investigation is conducted then wouldn’t it reveal that the views of SIMI are the counter products of the practical extremism and terrorism of these militant organizations of Sangh Parivar, which has been many a time backed by law enforcing agencies and even the state it self.

If it is so and definitely it is so then why SIMI alone should be banned? Why the militant groups of Sangh Parivar are not banned? But the question is who will answer this?


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