Indifferent attitude of Mumbai police towards Muslims

Letter to the President of India

Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Honourable President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Indifferent attitude of Mumbai police towards Muslims

Respected Sir,

Some of the recent happenings in the country particularly in Maharashtra leave one wondering whether the judicial authority has also been assigned to Mumbai police. Generally police is assigned to arrest the perpetrators either red handed or with the proof of the crime and present them to the court on account of the available proofs. And the court is deemed to declare their offense keeping in view either the witnesses or the proofs made available by the police. In the least case police do not enjoy the right to declare a person to be accused or innocent and ironically that is happening ostensibly in the country.

On 10 January, this year police arrested four persons including a woman selling explosive materials at Andheri, the suburban area of Mumbai, all of them were non-Muslims. Additional commissioner of police of western region, Peen Bihari said that the 6 kg of TNT explosive materials recovered from them were ten times more dangerous than that of RDX used in 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blast. He further revealed that it was suspicious whether the explosive materials were supposed to had been stolen from artillery school of Deolaly where armed forces were trained, while K.N. Meerji, the in charge major general of artillery school announced, “I am fully assured that the explosive materials were not stolen from the premises of military school.”

Malegaon and Mumbai local train serial blasts are still afresh in people’s minds. They can recollect well that in those incidents no police officer pointed to the possibility of those materials having being stolen from artillery school of Deolaly. How this idea got in their mind to find the alibi just after the arrest of these people? No reasonable interrogation was taken place after the arrest. Even before the accused disclosed anything as where the materials were issued from, police official favoured them announcing that they were not linked with any group of outside country and they strongly defended saying, “there is no possibility of their envelopment in any extremist organization.” Finally the case was registered simply under arms act.

It means when TNT or some other dangerous explosive materials are recovered from any Non-Muslims, they are not suspected as terrorists. They are simply taken as an illegal trader. Terrorist is required to be a Muslim. On other hand, if even a little atom of gunpowder is recovered from a Muslim shop only after it has been dug up to the depth of 10 ft as happened in Maligaon, he is terrorist. Why? He is a Muslim! If his house happens to have a broken cooker as in the Mumbai local train serial blasts, he comes in row of terrorists. If he sells Urdu books in Muslim majority area like Mira Road he is named as an extremist! Let alone TNT, even the gunpowder of cracker that children play in Dewily, was not recovered from them. While those who have been arrested with 6 kg of TNT and the heaps of fake currency cannot be deemed as terrorists. Why? Needless to a reply! The same was occurred last year in Nander when two men linked with Bjrang Dal were arrested while devising bombs in a house of a RSS member but none bothered to affix the tag of terrorism to them.

The distinctive number of arrests of both— Muslims and Non Muslims tell the obvious! MACCOCA is only applied to Muslims, though nothing is recovered from them and there is no such law for non-Muslims even if they are caught red-handed. Can Maharashtra government or police produce any logical validity of this evident discrimination towards a particular community? Or should we believe what a common Muslim assumes is the only reality?

Dear Sir! Is the Maharashtra police’s approach to the crimes, as mentioned above, not endangering our nation for further terrorist attacks? In future foreign terrorist group will use our Non-Muslim brethren to attack India— they will not be arrested or will be protected. To me, such apathetic use of law and order is similar to sheltering the sin and will encourage the anti nation elements go unchallenged.

This is for your kind information and consideration in favour of national integrity and equality of all citizens of ‘One India One Nation’ approach.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

(Mohd. Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi)

President: Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF) &
Assam State Jamiat Ulama-e Hind
Tel. No. : 022 – 6556 7157, 2679 8538
Email :

26 Jan 2007

Copy to:

1. Honourable Prime Minister of India
2. Hon. Governor of Maharashtra
3. Hon. Home Minister of India
4. Hon. Chairman Human Rights Commission of India «


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